Magic mushroom grow kits

You can simply cultivate magic mushrooms at home with our Magic shroom grow kits. Cubensis spores are injected into our high-quality growing kits, and the mycelium is completely formed.

Follow our instructions and you’ll have your first crop of mushrooms in a few weeks!


Choose from a variety of magic mushroom grow kits, including:


Mondo Mushrooms kits are simple to grow and come in both standard and XL sizes.

FreshMushroom kits are a great way to start growing your mushrooms. Very simple, ‘no-maintenance,’ and potent

Kit for growing Hawaiian Copelandia. Grow your own Panaeolus cyanescens, the most powerful magic mushroom on the planet!

Only Substrates + Liquid Culture in Grow Kits Without Mycelium! Fill up the blanks with your spores.

All of the mycelium boxes are ready to use and include everything you’ll need to get started.


Grow Mushrooms

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